Cracker Festival News

Come join us for the 3rd Annual Westminster Cracker Festival this October.  For the past two years thousands of people have come out for a community celebration held in the village center of downtown Westminster for a great time.  This year will be even better!  So, come join us and eat some crackers!

Cracker Festival Event Schedule

Bands play from 10am to 4:45pm

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All Merchandise can be picked up from Joe at the Pharmacy.

Westminster Crackers are Everywhere

THE WESTMINSTER CRACKERS ARE EVERYWHERE CONTEST. Wherever you travel this summer and Westminster Crackers are served, take a picture of yourself with the crackers, view/ restaurant and include name of eatery , location, state and any fun fact and post on our Facebook. All entries will be entered into a drawing and winner will receive $100 that will be drawn on stage at the festival. A map of the world will be on display with pins marking Westminster Cracker locations with some of the more interesting photos featured. For example, Joe and Debi were at the take out at the top of Mt Washington (elevation 6289') and had Westminster Crackers with their chili. READY SET GO! Share with your friends and like us on Facebook.

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